/    Artistic Research
Encounters with and in the more than human world Assembled through a micro-emotic approach

Mountain Walking

Walking up and down the mountain. From Molineggi to Cannobio to Marcalone. Touching the old stones of the mulattiere with my feet, stepping and stitching the landscape, roadsides filled with gorse, vinca, viola, butchers broom, anemone, bracken, sweet chestnut, periwinkle, euphorbia, carnations, hazel trees, prunus and more.

Encountering other animals; a donkey, a sheep, a fire salamander, a snake, a roe, a western emerald lizard.

Encountering things left along the path, a bucket, a crane, a wheelbarrow, now giving shelter to human and non- human animals. Documenting encounters through photography. Building new relations with significant others, assembling and photographing while walking in the more than human world.